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See what clients are saying about their
Cosmic Experience.



Rico Lamitte - Gen X
Founder of Cannivision

I cannot express how much Cosmic's wealth of knowledge has helped me navigate several different life lanes so far this year.

The Cosmic Blueprint broke down previously hidden life aspects giving me the ever-elusive "whys" behind the experience I've never been able to find.

As a friend, advisor, I definitely consult with her on major life changes and would highly recommend her services to both seasoned cosmic champions and rookie readers (like me!) alike.


Kayla Mitchell - Millineal 
Experience Coordinator

This workshop was most definitely a very much needed resource in the current place of my spiritual journey. Meghan is a light and a true vessel for this world.

Her guided meditation stole the show. Her tone and use of intention with her words put you in such a meditative state, for me, it was no use of fighting the trance. I felt at peace, safe and right at home. My mind sometimes will wander off when meditating but i immediately noticed that i did not trail off during this workshop, i felt my spirit wanting to engage and absorb everything this workshop offered . 10/10 would recommend! Meghan is the best at what she does and the gentleness she provides, effort, and attention she gives to each person you would not find elsewhere!! I am grateful for the space she has created.


Amalgam Ex - Millineal
Veteran - Artist

Cosmic Being is the real deal. Her coaching has helped me in so many ways.

From understanding how to use what I perceived as a personal weakness into a strength, the karmic energy around relationships & how to elevate the energy and shift what I'm attracting.

Her Cosmic Blueprint Service is spot on in regards to my past experiences, present energy, and future potential. She is really out her changing lives for the better, making a positive impact! I am so proud of her.

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Why should I invest in Cosmic Coaching?

What is Cosmic Coaching?

What makes you different?

How do I book my Cosmic Coaching Package?



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Glowing through life involves using the right tools to solve challenges, reducing stress, empowering oneself to manage difficulties, finding joy amidst chaos, and aligning with abundance in various life aspects."

Spiritual Empowerment

Cosmic Coaching fosters a deeper and stronger connection with one's intuition and spiritual support team. By integrating ancient wisdom and scientific practices, individuals can tap into their spiritual guidance, enhancing their sense of purpose and connection to a higher consciousness.

Emotional Mastery

Through the combination of breath work, yogic practices, and ancient wisdom, Cosmic Coaching empowers individuals to understand, regulate, and command their emotional responses.

This results in emotional resilience, as the practices soothe and regulate the nervous system, leading to a greater sense of emotional balance.

Cognitive Enhancement:

Cosmic Coaching enhances mental faculties, including memory, mental clarity, and the ability to focus. The integration of scientifically-backed methods with ancient wisdom provides individuals with tools to optimize cognitive function, supporting mental acuity and cognitive well-being.

Holistic Physical Wellness

Cosmic Coaching incorporates nutritional changes to promote increased gut health.

This holistic approach addresses the gut-brain connection, contributing to improved digestion, nutrient absorption, and overall physical well-being.

Additionally, the coaching results in a decrease in body pain by reducing inflammation and an increase in energy levels.

Intuitive Guidance:

By aligning individuals with ancient wisdom, Cosmic Coaching supports the development of intuitive abilities.

This spiritual benefit allows individuals to access and strengthen intuitive insights and guidance, enhancing their decision-making process and overall life navigation.

Pain Reduction + Increased Vitality:

The nutritional improvements recommended in Cosmic Coaching contribute to a decrease in inflammation, leading to a reduction in body pain. Combined with breath work and yogic practices, individuals experience increased vitality and energy, promoting a healthier and more vibrant physical state.

What is Cosmic Coaching?

Welcome to the transformative experience of Cosmic Coaching, a cutting-edge and individualized coaching initiative meticulously developed for Gen X and Millennials, guiding individuals towards satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment.

Cosmic Coaching empowers you to glow through life by addressing blockages and imbalances across spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical dimensions through practices backed by current day science and ancient wisdom.

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See what clients are saying about their
Cosmic Experience.



Kyra Mitchell

From the meditation, to the tea, your words, the cards, your energy, you showed up and out! You pulled a tester card for demonstration and I remember feeling like it spoke to me. Funny enough, the card you pulled ended up being the same card that I pulled. Even the random tea I grabbed related to the card. I came in with a clouded mind and heavy heart and walked out feeling the opposite. You confirmed that I’m exactly where I need to be and on the right track. Thank you for providing such a safe space, so grateful for the experience. 


Troy Wilkinson - Gen X
Financial Advisor - DJ

Cosmic is a remarkable being. Her Cosmic Blueprint Consultation gave a great sense of clarity & connection to the why of my thoughts, behaviors, & life experiences, as well as a guide to a way forward in alignment with my purpose.

Our coaching sessions empowered me to rid my self of 10 years worth of guilt I was holding onto that manifested as weight gain, and seasons of depression & anxiety. Now I'm back to a healthy body size and enjoying life & traveling the world pursuing my passion of music.


King - Millinneal
Veteran - Marketing Manager

I recovered from knee surgery in 7 days vs 3 weeks by following Meghan's nutritional regimen and herbal remedies.

My post military knee injuries were severe and required a second surgery.

When I went for my 1 week check up the doctors were amazed I had no inflammation at all.

Meghan gave me different herbal tincture, teas, & supplements and created a meal plan. Some of the tinctures tasted disgusting, but they worked so I can't complain. 


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As above, so below. You are a divine being experiencing life in human form.

Life on earth comes with challenges, but your soul holds the solution. 

Your Cosmic Coaching uses your unique astrology & numerology profile to customize holistic wellness practices birthed from ancient wisdom and backed by current day science. 

Coaching Options span from 1 - 2 months

How Do I Book
a Cosmic Coaching Package?

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All packages commence with an intake assessment and a 90-minute onboarding session, ensuring a personalized approach.


Clients, upon completing the program, can anticipate significant improvements across spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical realms, receiving a tailored 4-month roadmap to sustain their elevated well-being.


Cosmic Coaching promises a holistic wellness journey, empowering individuals to align with their best selves and experience enduring growth and fulfillment.

Coaching Options
span from
1 - 2 months

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