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"Millionaires Don't Use Astrology; Billionaires Do."
- J.P. Morgan, Founder of Chase Bank

As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without. Join me every 3rd Sunday of the Month for a Cosmic Group Coaching Session.  I will  👩🏽‍🏫 💫Provide insight to the collective energy of the month using Astrology, Numerology & Tarot. 💫Show you how the collective energy applies to you, using your natal chart. 💫 Share practical solutions to overcome challenging moments in your blueprint. Coaching Session Agenda: Lunar Cycle 🌚 🌓🌝🌗  & Your Chart : 🔮 Collective Energy: The overall soul lessons that will be presented throughout the lunar cycle.   🔮 Personal Energy: How the collective energy will effect you based on your natal chart, & what area of life your soul lessons will focus on.  🔮 Actions to take: Internal & External Rituals that empower you to remove obstacles & align with your desired manifestations. Actions to Take: 🌬 - Breathwork & meditations resources to shift your energy. ☯️ - Yoga. Beginners yoga resources to align your physical & non physical body's in harmony. 🧿 -  Rituals. Combining breahtwork & yoga with manifestation rituals to clear obstacles, and walk in alignment with your destiny.  Rituals provided can be used regardless of religuous or spiritual practice. For IFA practicioners I will provide specific use of rituals with IFA elevation tools. 🌚 New Moon - A time to plant intentions of your goals. 🌓 First Quarter Moon - Challenges that test your commitment of achieving your goals. 🌝 Full Moon - Manifestation of your intentions & illumination of whats working & what isn't. 🌗 Last Quarter Moon - What you need to consider releasing to be in deeper alignment with your desires. Spaces are limited. Thank you for joining the waitlist. As spaces become available you will recieve an invite to join, & a link to invest in the Cosmic Oracle Coaching Membership for $11.11 per month. Class recordings will be provided for your reference :)

Congratulations! You're joined for the Cosmic Oracle Waitlist! You just received an email confirming your access to a membership when spaces are available. Let's continue to expand, evolve, and create the reality of our soul desires together! - Cosmic Being 369

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