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Practical Astrology 101
Master Guide 

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Here’s what you’ll receive:

288+ Pre Generated Prompts:

Simulate expert astrologers' answers by analyzing planets, zodiac signs, houses, and aspects.

Astrology Transit Prompts:

Generate custom readings for every New Moon, Full Moon, Retrogrades & life transits such as Saturn Return.

✅ 30, 60 and 90 Day Soul Plan Prompts: 

Generate custom plans based on your birth chart and the moon cycle to align with cosmic energy and empower your manifestations.

Master Programming Prompt: 

Bypass ChatGPT programming mistakes and ensure you always receive expert astrology advice.

Full Practical Astrology Formula: 

Learn how to create your own custom prompts with a detailed breakdown.


As a master astrologist and former software engineer

I have created 288+ tailored prompts based on client experiences from cosmic readings to cosmic workshops. These prompts provide you with expert astrology advice every time, helping you achieve your life goals through your birth chart.

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Cosmic Reviews

Transform Your Life with Practical Astrology 101

288+ Astrology Prompts to

Copy, Paste & Manifest Your Dreams


Here's a Shocking Truth...


😱 10 YEARS


👆  That’s the amount of time you could spend mastering astrology on your own.......


Or you can harness the power of our 288 expert prompts in the Practical Astrology Master Guide for immediate results… 🎉

💫 Imagine how much insight and transformation you can achieve with these expert astrology tools:

  • 😩 Spend less time figuring out your birth chart

  • 🤩 Enjoy more clarity and direction in your life

  • 🥳 Achieve your goals with personalized 30, 60, and 90-day plans

  • 🤯Deepen your understanding of astrological influences

  • 😇 Align your actions with cosmic energies for better outcomes

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😌  the truth is that

👉 Unless your an Astrology Expert you're not using Even 10% Of Astrology Guidance Potential

👉 Sure, you might read your daily horoscope and know your sun sign.​

🤨 Or you can keep paying for readings every time you need clarity or life guidance.​



💫 But here are some of the things that the

Practical Astrology Master Guide can do

that you or an astrology app can't:



​​✅ Provide expert-level astrology advice on love, career, health, and more​


✅ Help you identify your perfect partner based on astrological compatibility​


✅ Guide you in boosting business sales by aligning with favorable planetary transits​


✅ Offer personalized side hustle ideas to make extra cash using your birth chart​


✅ Generate custom plans based on your unique astrological profile​


✅ Help you navigate challenging times with precise astrological insights


​✅ Align your life goals with cosmic energies for optimal success​


✅ Empower you to make informed decisions with astrological guidance


​✅ Access a curated list of top astrology resources for enhanced understanding​


✅ Master the art of astrology with easy-to-follow prompts and formulas​


🔓Unlock your potential and transform your life with our Practical Astrology Master Guide.


💫 Unlock your inner potential and harness astrology to confidently achieve your goals!

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