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Practical Astrology 101 Master Guide

Practical Astrology 101 Master Guide

$135.00 Regular Price
$27.00Sale Price

Transform Your Life with Practical Astrology 101

288+ Astrology Prompts to Copy, Paste & Manifest Your Dreams


Unlock your potential as an expert astrologer with our Practical Astrology Master Guide for only $27! Transform your life by solving challenges with easy copy-and-paste prompts.


Here’s what you’ll get:

288 Pre-generated Prompts: Simulate expert astrologers' answers by analyzing planets, zodiac signs, houses, and aspects.


Master Programming Prompt: Bypass ChatGPT programming mistakes and ensure you always receive expert astrology advice.


Full Practical Astrology Formula: Learn how to create your own custom prompts with a detailed breakdown.


30, 60, and 90-Day Prompts: Generate custom plans based on your birth chart and the moon cycle to align with cosmic energy and empower your manifestations.


Favorite Astrology Resources: Access a curated list of top astrology resources and learn how to use them effectively with ChatGPT.


Take advantage of the 80% off sale, you’ll be empowered to become an expert astrologer and navigate life’s challenges with confidence. Don’t miss out—take the first step towards mastering astrology today!

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