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In This World 🌍, Not Of It 💫

Just like you I am a divine 💫 soul having a human experience on earth 🌍.

I study the many expressions of the creator to understand the divine source of creation.


A lover of knowledge, and eternal student of truth, I embrace knowledge & wisdom through experience.

Growing up in Compton, California I have a variety of life experiences, from  dropping out of high school to studying Biochemistry in undergrad &.........

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Cosmic Blueprint

Your Guidebook to Life

FREE Wellness Resources

Downloads + Classes

For Your Wellbeing

cosmic blueprint master course

Learn + Understand

Your Life Mission & Soul Purpose 


Rico Lamitte
Founder of Canivision Global

I cannot express how much Cosmic's wealth of knowledge has helped me navigate several different life lanes so far this year. The Cosmic Blueprint broke down previously hidden .......

Troy Wilkinson
Financial Advisor 

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Cosmic is a remarkable being. Her consultation gave a great sense of clarity & connection to the why of my thoughts, behaviors, & life experiences, as well as a guide to a ...........

Amalgam Ex
Air Force Veteran & Artist

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Cosmic Being is the real deal. She's helped me in so many ways. From understanding how to use what I perceived as a personal weakness into a strength, the karmic..........

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