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A Little Bit About Cosmic Being 💫

Just like you I am a divine soul having a human experience on earth.

I study the many expressions of the Creator to understand the Divine Source of creation.


A lover of knowledge, & eternal student of truth, I embrace

knowledge & wisdom through experience.

Growing up in Compton, California I have a variety of life experiences, from dropping out of high school as a troubled teen, to studying Biochemistry in undergrad, embracing a successful career as software engineer, & operating a tech consulting company for 3 years.


My mother & grandmother always nurtured my love of science, which continues in one of my favorite hobbies of reading quantum mechanics white papers on a Friday night after an episode of one of my favorite animes with subtitles. No Dub club member here lol.

I am definitely a NERD 🤓 😇🤣


So far the most rewarding experience has been transcending the shadows of trauma & turning pain into power that fuels my purpose & destiny. Healing to wholeness is a continuous journey I embrace with gratitude, even in the midst of storms.


I study the wisdom of IFA, Vedic teachings, Kemet, the entirety of the Holy Bible (Apocrypha, etc), Gnostic Gospels, the Kabbalah, Astrology, Numerology, among others sacred texts & tools of elevation, transformation, & transcendence.


I am passionate about using my expanding experiences to educate others on holistic wellness, through mental health, emotional intelligence, & spiritual growth.


I am honored to be of service to all those who are meant to cross my path, & assist them in transcending the shadows of trauma, by turning the pains of life into power that fuels their soul purpose & destiny.


Namaskaram 🙏🏽 Asé

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